suppository NOUN (pl. suppositories) a solid medical preparation in a roughly conical or cylindrical shape, designed to dissolve after insertion into the rectum or vagina.
ORIGIN Latin suppositorium 'thing placed underneath' .

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  • Suppository — Sup*pos i*to*ry, n.; pl. {Suppositories}. [LL. suppositorium, fr. L. suppositorius that is placed underneath: cf. F. suppositoire. See {Supposition}.] (Med.) A pill or bolus for introduction into the rectum; esp., a cylinder or cone of medicated… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • suppository — (n.) late 14c., from M.L. suppositorium, noun use of neuter of L.L. suppositorius placed underneath or up, from L. suppositus, pp. of supponere put or place under (see SUPPOSE (Cf. suppose)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • suppository — [sə päz′ə tôr΄ē] n. pl. suppositories [ME suppositorie < ML suppositorium < neut. of L suppositorius, placed underneath < suppositus: see SUPPOSITION] a small piece of medicated substance, usually conical, ovoid, or cylindrical,… …   English World dictionary

  • Suppository — A suppository is a drug delivery system that is inserted either into the rectum (rectal suppository), vagina (vaginal suppository) or urethra (urethral suppository) where it dissolves.They are used to deliver both systemically acting and locally… …   Wikipedia

  • suppository — n. 1) to insert a suppository 2) a rectal; vaginal suppository * * * [sə pɒzɪt(ə)rɪ] vaginal suppository a rectal to insert a suppository …   Combinatory dictionary

  • suppository — UK [səˈpɒzɪt(ə)rɪ] / US [səˈpɑzɪˌtɔrɪ] noun [countable] Word forms suppository : singular suppository plural suppositories a drug in the form of a small block that is put inside the rectum or vagina to treat a medical condition …   English dictionary

  • suppository — A small solid body shaped for ready introduction into one of the orifices of the body other than the oral cavity ( e.g., rectum, urethra, vagina), made of a substance, usually medicated, which is solid at ordinary temperatures but melts at body …   Medical dictionary

  • suppository — [[t]səpɒ̱zɪtri, AM tɔːri[/t]] suppositories N COUNT A suppository is a solid block of medicine that is put into the vagina or rectum, where it gradually dissolves …   English dictionary

  • suppository — žvakutė statusas Aprobuotas sritis farmacinės formos apibrėžtis Vartoti į tiesiąją žarną skirtas tam tikros formos, dydžio ir konsistencijos kietas vienadozis preparatas. Žvakučių veiklioji ( sios) medžiaga ( os) išsklaidyta ( os) ar ištirpinta ( …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

  • suppository — A form of medicine contained in a small piece of solid material, such as cocoa butter or glycerin, that melts at body temperature. A suppository is inserted into the rectum, vagina, or urethra and the medicine is absorbed into the bloodstream …   English dictionary of cancer terms

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